Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review: Sigma F45 Buffer Brush

Everyone need a kabuki buffer brush and Sigma has a nice one. Today I will review this brush for you all. It retails for $19 on the Sigma website. I lusted over the MAC 182 for years and years, but couldn't get myself to spend the $56.50CAD on one brush. I am sure it's totally great but honestly, I don't use these brushes enough to justify that price tag. After seeing Temptalia's comparison post of this brush, saying it was very comparable to the MAC one, I bought it and hoped for the best, I was not disappointed.

Firstly, let's take a look at my other kabuki brushes, I have the Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki (which is going in the trash after I write this review), the Sigma and the Posh kabuki. The Coastal Scents is very scratchy and small and has a funky smell after many washes. The Sigma and Posh I say are quite comparable, except for their shape.

The Sigma and Posh brush are very similar, yet very much different. The Sigma is round, but has an almost flat top, if that makes sense. Whereas the Posh is rounded and tapered all the way through. I prefer the Sigma because you can get a lot more surface area with this if you just want to pounce it on your face. I prefer flat top brushes and this Sigma kabuki is like the kabuki's version of a flat top. As you tell from the two images above, the Sigma has changed shape a lot after wash and using it, it used to be a lot smaller and compact, the bristles has spread out considerably.

Sigma's buffer is slightly larger in circumference than the Posh brush. I have also taken a picture here of the Sigma brush in my hand. I know when I see a picture of a brush, it's nice, but, doesn't help me to know how large it actually is, so I hope I have given you a better look here.

In terms of scratchiness, it's not the softest brush that I have, but it's not scratchy per say. It did smell funky when I first got it, but after washing it a few times (dye does run and it does shed) it was fine. It sheds the odd hair here and there (apparently the MAC one sheds more). It feels quite dense, same density as the Posh. I use this brush to apply mineral powder makeup and for dusting on powder sometimes.

Have you tried the Sigma F45 buffer brush? What is your opinion of it?


Nikosmommy said... Best Blogger Tips

Great review! I haven't tried the Sigma kabuki brush yet but after years of using my Sephora kabuki a couple of days ago I bought a new ELF kabuki from Winners.
So far I'm a big fan of it, the bristles are dense but super soft at the same time...SO SO much better than my Sephora kabuki (it's probably very similar to your coastal scents brush). I honestly thought there wouldn't be much difference but there totally is!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Nikosmommy - Actually I felt that one at my local Winners recently, not kidding, I was rubbing it on my hand to try it out. I ended up not getting it cause it is much cheaper online (if you order other stuff with it). But it's really nice, very very soft, although it didn't seem as dense as I would like a buffer brush to me, I thought that elf one was more for setting powder.

Pammy said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the great review Justine! I have not tried Sigma brushes yet, but need to! This kabuki looks great. I am also eying the elf kabuki, but I want to order that online online too the next good sale!

BeautyParler said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't tried any Sigma brushes, I tend to stock up at IMATS (I love crown brushes especially the badger collection). But I do need another Kabuki, I have a SmashBox one that I find too scratchy.

Nikosmommy said... Best Blogger Tips

Yup, I've been using the ELF kabuki to set my powder!

Kalmo said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the comprehensive and comparative review. I've been seeing the Sigma brand everywhere on youtube. XD Glad you like the brush! LOL Pink brush is cute but no point in keeping a bad brush. ^^

TheScienceBeautiful said... Best Blogger Tips

I have the same POSH brush :))Very helpful post.

RoAmyLive said... Best Blogger Tips

I love my ELF Studio line kabuki brush. But I've always been tempted to try Sigma brushes!

Donna ♥ Baby said... Best Blogger Tips

great review :) i still have yet to find a soft kabuki brush! lol @ at the funky smell!