Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sigma Makeup: Red Hot Special Deal Free Makeup Bag

Sigma Makeup is offering a great deal on their website. You can get the "Something about Marilyn" retractable kabuki, the matching makeup bag and their Powder Brush for a fraction of the original price. This set is now selling for $29, instead of the original $41. Basically, it's like getting the makeup bag for free, and the Powder Brush has the original SS150 numbering system on it too (they recently changed the numbering this is now the F30). Limited quantities are available of this.

All separately this would cost you $16 for the powder brush, $25 for the retractable kabuki and $22 for the makeup bag (minus the mini bag), a total of $63. The math they did to get the $41 original price is adding up the powder brush and kabuki alone. I haven't used the kabuki (I only have the flat top retractable kabuki), but the powder brush is awesome. The makeup bag looks cute too.

Click here to purchase this set from Sigma Makeup.


Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

I got my "Something About Marylin" kabuki as part of a red hot sale as well! It's an AMAZING product! Definitely a must-have :) Thanks for sharing!!

Sher said... Best Blogger Tips

hey thanks for the follow and comment :) yes I do know ,thanks for checking my blog out!