Friday, November 26, 2010

Sigma Makeup: Free Worldwide Shipping Black Friday Special (Nov 26 Only)

Sigma Makeup is offering Free shipping to anywhere in the world with any sized order today! Enter the code "BF2010" to get the discount at checkout. This offer is only valid today, Black Friday, Friday, November 26, 2010. For all of my international readers, this is a great time to order! Sigma ships worldwide, that means anywhere!

Remember with every order of $30 or more, you can get a free gift. I have heard the free gift varies, but every time I've ordered it's been the mini MAC 217 dupe, which is a great brush. I have several of those now. Don't delay to order, I am sure they'll be busy with others today and processing may be slow, you don't want your brushes to go out of stock! Also while you are here, don't forget to enter my Sigma Giveway. If you do order, let me know what you get! :)


Pooja Bali said... Best Blogger Tips

I have ordered the Synthetic Face Kit, E30 & E55 :)

J said... Best Blogger Tips

Shipping to Canada for the Sigmax 'Synthetic Face Kit' is turning up as $4.20 (without any codes) .. I heard people say it was like $14?

I'm so broke right now so if shipping is usually under $5 for the kit I think I'll wait it out till my bank restores itself lol

Does anyone know ?

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@J - When I first ordered from Sigma like a year ago, their shipping was much more expensive to Canada, it has gotta better. But I didn't know it was that cheap! whoa! I would wait it out if you can't afford it right now for sure. Unless you are buying a giant kit the shipping shouldn't be too bad I don't think. ;)

Vanilla said... Best Blogger Tips

free shipping with any sized order?? but on sigma's FB fan page they said that the code will work for order $50 or more??

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@vanilla - oh really? that stinks. I thought it was any order. I just checked their FB page and I didn't see any mention of a minimum... will report back if I hear back. They'll have another sale on Cyber Monday too!

Fay. H. said... Best Blogger Tips

I ordered the travel kit in pink ♥
Everything looks so small, cute, and sweet! I heard they're comparable to MAC's brushes so I'm really looking forward to use them! ♥