Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Maybelline One By One Mascara

Maybelline's newest mascara is "One By One". This one is meant to give "bold without the bulk" and provide bold and refined volume, specifically instant lash by lash clump-free volume. I guess this mascara, the brush specifically, is supposed to avoid that clumpy look that girls often get when they try to build up their mascara with too many coats. So is this mascara "the one", that mascara that we've all been looking and hoping for?

I love the packaging on this, it's bright red/coral, the brush is even red (before you dip it into the fluid). However, my camera does not capture bright colours very well so I hope this doesn't blind you too much. The brush is a very flexible plastic and is fattest in the middle and narrows out on the sides (which is nice for getting the baby lashes in the corners of your eyes). When applying it, they claim that 3 bristles will coat each lash, not missing anything and giving you that precise volume.

And here it is once I dipped the brush in, the brush reminds me of a less obnoxious version of the L'oreal Million Lashes and less wet and smelly (Million Lashes was very perfumed in my opinion). This mascara is also in the "Volume Express" family of mascaras, a collection that I love so I had high hopes for this. It has a scent, kinda rosey, that may bother some people, but it doesn't phase me.

Here is my bare eye with no mascara on, eyelashes have been curled in this picture.

And here it is with two coats of  'One By One'. I like the result a lot. I have this in the colour "Very Black" this is the non-waterproof version, on the back it says this is a "washable mascara", that is easily is removed with soap and water. I would use a eye makeup remover anyway cause that's just how I roll. The volume is good, the lengthening is good too. The brush is very easily to use, since it is so flexible and I like the shape of it. It's not clumpy and it did not flake on me throughout the day. The result picture is after 5 hours of wear. The formulation is neither wet or dry, right in the middle. Overall, very nice.

Have you tried Maybelline's One By One?


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Justine! I am so glad that you reviewed this!!! I was debating purchasing this today...and now I want to go back and get it! It sounds just like the kind of mascara that I like. The wand looks great...and I like a washable formula. Great review!!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Excellent review. I saw this in the store today and I had to pick it up! I hope I like it too.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Great review! This looks like a promising mascara to purchase after I go thru my current stash. :)

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

My 3 top favourite mascaras are Revlon Grow Luscious, Maybelline Colossal and L'Oreal Voluminous so I will definately have to give this one a try after seeing your review. Thanks!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

PS: I like how you have the ad for the mascara in the background very niffty!

Tracy D said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't tried this, but might just have to!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I was waiting for someone to review this :D Glad you like it.. it does look really nice. Separates your lashes really nicely :)

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said... Best Blogger Tips

your lashes look great!

beautyparler said... Best Blogger Tips

Just bought this too, still on the fence. Like it but not wow'd! Review to come soon:) Great one you did!

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Lisa - Ya I try and include the ad with my review, it makes for a nice background. The faves you listed are my faves too, love the grow luscious.

Kaitlyn said... Best Blogger Tips

i bought this a while ago and have barely touched it. it does remind me of million lashes, but it's less dramatic. i think it's good for an every day eye, not a night out look for me.

luckiebeauty said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow : Great results! Maybe I'll give it a try when my Lash Blast Fusion will be empty.

Lolita Riot said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this mascara too :) it makes my lashes long and fluttery!

Isabella said... Best Blogger Tips

ooh thanks for the review. which do you like better between this and falsies and stiletto? i'm in the market for a maybelline mascara and i can't decide which one is the best haha

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@sweetkiss - I like falsies at first, but my tube went dry very quickly and I had to throw it out. I've only tried the voluptuous lash stiletto, not the original (can't comment on that one), but that one is nice if you like a slanted applicator. One by One is nice for a clean application and the applicator is easy to use, I would recommend this mascara. If you haven't tried the volume express from maybelline (in yellow or blue tube) those ones are pretty great too.

Miss ♥ Nikka said... Best Blogger Tips

Havent tried but would love to. I like the brush, I might need waterproof since its the only formula that holds my curl.

SleepandMakeup said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review! It looks amazing. I'm surprised it lasts that long for a non-waterproof mascara. :D

Emily Anne said... Best Blogger Tips

Saw this is in a magazine. Model has my name. Might try this, good post!

Check my bloggy =^-^= xo

Stevista said... Best Blogger Tips

Is it lame that I like the bright red/coral wand? lol Another mascara that's going into my wishlist ;) x