Saturday, July 24, 2010

OPI Shrek Collection Revisited and Dupes

OPI Shrek
The OPI Shrek collection came out this past spring, but it still available in stores readily. It came with 6 colours, this collection was really unique in that it had no reds or pinks in it, which is pretty standard for OPI. The colours in this were a mix of greens, blues and purples. I thought the colours were really cute, but I also noticed that it was full of dupes, that's why I only picked up two. I compared blogger swatches a lot (as I would with any collection) before I decided which ones to get, and will share these comparisons with you.

Having said that, I think I need to go on a polish ban, or something like that because I think I seriously have a problem. The girl at Trade Secrets had to talk me out of getting Rumple's Wiggin, I was totally set on getting it and she talked me out of it, weird aren't sales people usually trying to get you to buy, not not buy? I was comparing Rumple's Wiggin to Done Out in Deco, which I already have, of course the store did not have it, since it's discontinued, but the girl told me it was the same, and that OPI often does that, puts out discontinued colours out again, just changing the name, and changing the colour slightly. Being a nail polish hog, I can spot differences in polishes, and have many polishes that look the same, but do not translate the same on the nail, in different lighting etc. And I love pastely purple colours, I think I may go back and get it bhahahaha I am terrible.
OPI Ogre The Top Blue
Ogre The Top Blue is in my opinion is the must-have from this collection. It is just gorgeous and has a smooth, beautiful formulation. This is two coats, but you could get away with one coat. This is a beautiful vibrant medium blue. I am sporting this one right now and loving it.

OPI Fiercely Fiona
Fiercely Fiona is a soft yellow with green undertones, which you can't see this in this picture, but it is there in real life, not anything stark however. I had read that this applied well for a yellow. I found it very watery and thin, and you can tell I overdid it with the application. This is three coats I think, if you're patient you can do it in two coats.I think it's cute, but you can tell just by looking at the bottle titled, that it's watery.

Now for the dupes. All Lacquered Up's blog had awesome swatch comparisons of the polishes in this collection and she always does great ones. I have a polish to account for each of the other shades in this collection and here are my not so perfect swatches. The problem with dupes like these is that it is easier to just get the Shrek colours, as most of these are discontinued, but in case you do have these, you do not *need* to get another one that looks the same.

China Glaze Bahamian Escape
China Glaze Bahamian Escape is basically an exact dupe for What's Up With The Catitude? it's a light pastely blue. I would totally recommend getting this one if you can. My swatch sucks cause going back and forth between the OPI brush and the CG confused me and I picked up way too much polish. Anyway you get the idea. I have this polish and it applies really opaque in one coat only.

SH Lickety-Split Lime
Sally Hansen's Lickety-Split Lime is extremely close to Who The Shrek Are You? And because this isn't a colour that I see myself wearing very often, I am content with just the SH dupe.

OPI Done Out in Deco
 (image credit All Lacquered Up)
Done Out In Deco is very close to Rumple's Wiggin, it's a light lilac purple. As you can tell in ALU's swatch above, DOID is much darker than RW... damn you Trade Secrets girl!!!! just kidding.

China Glaze Grape Pop
China Glaze Grape Pop is a dupe for Funky Dunkey from this collection. It's a pretty vibrant purple colour, resembles purple grapes. This one is a touch darker than FD, but pretty much the same.

So... do you settle for the dupes you have, or do you like getting every OPI polish that you like? Should I go back for Rumple's Wiggin?


Estefany @ The Helmet Head said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow, this is cute! I really like the baby blue and purple.

Milz said... Best Blogger Tips

Ilike the color done out in deco it is a nice shade of lilac

Salisha said... Best Blogger Tips

I love colors :D said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this OPI collection
Thanks for the post

beachbumbeauty13 said... Best Blogger Tips

You should go back for Rumple's Wiggin! I think the CG dupe is pretty close though :)

Milz said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, justine sorry to bother you again but I asked you to do reviews on loreal visible lift and loreal true match foundation I got the visible lift foundation and it is good but now can you do a review on true match because you said that you have tried it I would like to know if it's worth trying or not.

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@alvira - review posted, sorry for the delay! :)

tasha~ said... Best Blogger Tips

I have "Whats with the Cattitude" and "Who the Shrek are you?". I don't usually buy those types of colors so I had no dupes at all! But if you own anything close to those they might not be worth picking up. I wonder when nail polishes companies will run out of colors to make lol! Nice review and comparaisons!