Sunday, October 3, 2010

Review: MAC Fun and Games Beauty Powder Blush

Featured in last month's favourites was this MAC Fun and Games blush, I decided to write a full review of it here. It came out in the Hello Kitty collection back in February 2009. I wasn't into MAC during the time so I didn't get this back then. And I am not even a Hello Kitty fan, but I found the packaging really cute, odd because I don't really love the Venomous Villains stuff at all. I do love peach blush though so I had to add this to my collection. I bought mine recently from, I think this is a great site to get discontinued and limited edition products. I did pay more than retail for this one since it can't be found anywhere anymore, I am glad that I have it cause it's really pretty.

The packaging on this is so cute, Fun and Games came in black compact with small red sparkles all over it. The front has Hello Kitty's face as you can see in the image above. I admit this is quite kiddy looking, but it's cute. I think it's appropriately named because it is quite a "fun" colour, great for summer.

The colour is a light peachy apricot with gold shimmers. It isn't intensely pigmented but okay, it works well for me because being fair it is easy to overdo blush and with this one, you can't really. It gives a glow without looking orange like Style blush might. Since it is a beauty powder blush it is quite sheer and can be built up, and isn't as intense as the regular blush line. If you have a darker skintone you will have to layer this on to get the colour to show up.

Here is a comparison with my other MAC peach blushes, you can see the shimmer right away that that it's not as orange as Style, similar tone to Peaches blush.

I've swatched some of the similar blushes here, I piled on Fun and Games quite a lot to get the correct colour to show through. As you tell it's slightly pinker than Peaches and lighter than Cantaloupe. They all do look similar though and if you aren't really into peach blushes, but I have a bit of an addiction to them so I like having them all.

Do you have MAC's Fun and Games blush?


Rainy Days and Lattes said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't own this blush but I sure LOVE the color! :) i love any blush with gold shimmers :)

Sharon said... Best Blogger Tips

Fun&Games has been one of my favorite blushes since it came out in 2009! I'm glad you got your hands on it after all this time!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Sharon - me too! It doesn't seem to be on allcosmeticshwholesale anymore, so it looks like I got the last one! Now just to find Ripe Peach somewhere!

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

acw is a disease! I have a full cart there right now that I'm avoiding after some recent MAC, Stila, and Bobbi brown purchases. Love how you have a peach blush addiction. I think I have a light pink lipstick addiction. I can't have enough.

Stavroula said... Best Blogger Tips

The packaging is SO cute!! <3 The color looks nice too! :)

KayKay said... Best Blogger Tips

such a pretty color and the packaging is so nice! i have yet to buy from ACW but i need to

Kristie said... Best Blogger Tips

I do have Fun & Games and it's a nice peachy blush. I think it was my very first coral/peach blush until Ripe Peach/Utterly Game.