Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Everyday Minerals Snuggle Blush

I have a ton of Everyday Minerals sample blushes from back in the day when they used to let you choose free sample kits that had blushes, eyeshadow and foundation in them. I do not believe they do that anymore, the free sample kits are only for foundations (or bases as they call them), which are pre-determined based on skintones. You can still buy sample sizes for $2.50 though, which is reasonable. Their blushes are actually pretty good, and you can get by with just a sample size since you do get lots of product and with blush, you don't need that much anyway.

Snuggle is a peachy pink blush with a really cute name. On the Everyday Minerals website, it is described as "A radiant pink with a hint of peach and a dust of sheen". I see more peach than pink in it though, and it does have shimmer in it, which adds some glow to your skin. This is in mineral form so it can be messy, I find with these sample jars it is really hard to get the right amount of product and you end up wasting a lot, but the full size ones are just too damn big. I wish this came in pressed form instead.

I got mine during a time when they were transitioning through their packaging. I was lucky enough to get this in a large container, but the amount of product that I got was the same as the normal size. As you can tell the container with the green lid is much larger than the white one (white is what they use now). And the picture below is the swatch from the website, pretty accurate I think.

If you like light, peachy pink blushes, this blush may be for you. I think it would flatter many skin tones. It is quite pigmented, but since it is a mineral blush it does take some swipes to get the right opacity. I am used to pressed blush so it took me some effort to get this to work for me. I did find that it wore off throughout the day though, staying power isn't great on these. The texture is great, it blends very easily. It does have shimmer, but it doesn't look like you have glitter on your face at all, it's subtle.

I may do more swatches of their blushes if you guys are interested, I have loads of them and should really use them. Do you have any Everyday Minerals blushes?


Silverstargirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review.
plzzz review more of these blushes

Noriko said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, I love EM blushes the best in MMU blushes and have some full-size and sample size. I don't have the color you wrote about, but it looks like my favorite color !
More colors swatch is definately interesting. Thanks.

ndoodles said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't handle the mineral blush... it is too messy! But I do love Snuggle. It was very pretty!