Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

L'oreal's newest mascara is the Voluminous Million Lashes. It comes in a metallic gold, shiny packaging. I got this for $6.99 - $1 coupon a few days ago at The Superstore (in Canada). Being a fan of the original Voluminous mascara I was curious how this one performed, especially with a name like "million lashes" I had expectations of it doing miracles. I have read mostly negative reviews of this mascara, but being a mascara junkie, I had to try this out, who doesn't want Eva Longoria's lashes right? Miiillllions of them!

Keep in mind that all mascara advertisements have the models wearing lash inserts and then the mascara overtop, it says so in the fine print if you pay close attention. Notice on the top picture, I have put an arrow to the fine print about lash inserts. Companies are required to state this now, this happened after L'oreal went under fire from the pictures of Penelope Cruz wearing lash inserts in the Telescopic promotional pictures. So you will never get the results that you see on Eva Longoria. Don't you think it is false advertising when you think the models are wearing only the mascara, while really they are wearing lash inserts? How many people wear lash inserts on a regular basis and mascara over top? I personally do not.

The brush is big, fat and flexible. It's one of those plastic applicators. It has tiny teeth all over it and looks like a centipede. The brush looks quite promising, however if you have small eyes you may have trouble with this and if you like big brushes, you may like this. Depends on your preference really. I could do either way, but I prefer wired bristles over these. This mascara is heavily perfumed, you can smell it as soon as you open it up, and while it's on your lashes, it's a flowery smell. This bothers me a bit, but I can get over it, however I personally do not see the need to perfume mascara at all.

Here is what makes this mascara unique and what should make it great, their "no clumps clean sweep wiping system". Sounds like some fancy vacuum cleaner. This catchment is meant to remove any excess mascara product off the wand so that you get a clean, defined application. Problem is, as you can tell from the brush picture above, there is still excess product throughout the brush. And since the tip is contoured you still get excess on the tip "the glob" (most mascara do this so no biggy) and have to remove it each time. I like the wiping system though, it's a nice attempt at something different, maybe if the brush wasn't so flexible it would work better though.

bare lashes

Here it is applied. It does add some volume, defines and fans out my lashes nicely. But you can tell there is excess mascara throughout, including on the tips, you'd need a spoolie or something (I left it to show you guys). And I can still smell the mascara on my eyes too. It applies very delicately, you can barely feel the brush on your lashes, which makes it easy to overdo. The formula is very wet , glossy and thin. 

This is a very wet mascara, I think it may perform better once the tube dries up a bit. I like mascaras that are more on the dry side. I can feel how wet this is on my lashes like 10 minutes later still. On first impression, this mascara does not apply as evenly as I would like, and that's because it is so wet in nature. I think I am going to leave this out to dry out and try again later, for now, I think this mascara is just okay. 

Have you tried this mascara? Did you like it?


Cosmetics Aficionado said... Best Blogger Tips

I am not sure I would like this. I prefer dry mascaras as well.

Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

I was hoping that this mascara would have marvelous reviews, but from what I read I will probably we disapointed... But being a mascara junkie that love big plastic wands, I'll still try it! :)

Isabel said... Best Blogger Tips

It actually looks quite good =) And the name is catchy haha.. But I never like wet mascaras. It's so annoying when I feel my lashes are wei

Lolaa said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah, damn it, now I feel like I want it, even with your mixed review, haha :)
I like the brush, definitely, even if I'm a little scared of the fact that there remains a lot of product on it, considering how I apply mascara this should result is an over-clumpy disaster... if I try it I'll come back to you ;)

LilAras84 said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for the review:) It's very useful:)

Michelle from MI said... Best Blogger Tips

I liked the way this applied but my lashes looked very dry and the smell gave me a headache!If you are sensitve to fragrance this is NOT the mascara for you.

Charming Vanity said... Best Blogger Tips

It kinda appears to be slightly clumpy at the edges. Great review! Up till now, I actually haven't seen a rave review on this mascara. Many mentioned that they prefer the original one..


Ain't nothing but a G Thang! said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the review. I am a sucka for new shiny products, especially mascara [:

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Charming Vanity - Agreed, it did clump a bit, I applied too much, you can't even tell you are applying any because the brush is so delicate and then bam, clumpy lashes! :(

Bailey said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for reviewing this! I was thinking of getting it (just what I need more mascara!) but I think I'll pass. I hate watery mascara.