Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ELF Cosmetics: New Products Announced Today

ELF Cosmetics introduced a ton of new products on their website today. I will go over all the new items here briefly and tell you what I think of them initially. All pictures were taken directly from the ELF Cosmetics 

I think this set is great, it comes with all the Studio Line brushes (minus the new one) and has glitter on the handles! Plus it comes in a pouch which is great for travel. I love the Studio Powder brush that comes in this, it's one that I use almost everyday. With a coupon code, such as 50% off, this would be a really great buy.

This is a makeup setter spray containing Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber, Vitamin A, C and E. I guess this is ELF's affordable attempt at MAC's Fix+. It seems interesting, and $3 is cheap for this, as long as it doesn't smell rancid, this could be good.

The new studio cream eyeshadows come in a little pot and in four colours.These come in two types, what looks like shimmer (cream) and then matte, the matte ones have a lot more colour selection. The cream ones are currently out of stock.

This is an all over the body golden glow powder with shimmers. It comes packaged liked the HD powder with a puff and only comes in one shade. Not really interested in this at all.

A new addition to the Studio Line eyeshadow brushes, this one is made of taklon anti-bacterial bristles and has that slanted shape which is great for contouring the eye. I like the look of this, but I have several brushes already with this shape too.

I couldn't get a clearer picture of this one, when you click on the brow brush, it takes you to a picture of the contour brush! This brush doesn't look any different than the brow brush that comes in the regular or mineral line. Pass on this, I don't use brow brushes anyhow.

I am excited to see how well made this brush is, it could be a flop as I have seen many dupes for this type of brush and they have been on the floppy side and unusable. But definitely curious.

ELF has added a tinted moisturizer to their line, which is great. This is described as lightweight and hydrating, even skin tone with a hint of colour and sun protection. This is the product I was most excited about, however it's sold out at the moment too.
These are disposable applicators for lipgloss, it comes in a pack of 12. I think this is interesting for on the go or to throw in your purse, but I doubt I will be buying this. Not a fan of one-use product that you throw away after use.

Another one of those disposable type applicators, this one is for eyeshadow application. These come in a pack of 12 as well.

What products interest you?


Nancy said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow I'm curious to know as well!

Lolaa said... Best Blogger Tips

Aaaaah, I wish we had the same ELF products in France, for some obscure reason (or is it really that obscure after all?) we seem to be a little late for a lot of products, and some of them never arrived on the French website... but all the ELF products which I tried were really good surprises, thank you very much for sharing this information! :)

Renay Shanel said... Best Blogger Tips

I love elf I am pretty excited about this!! :)

Blushingloves said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the post!Love to know whats new in the market!!

haulsandreviews said... Best Blogger Tips

oooh I''m so excited about the stipple brush and the tinted moisturizer

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw these earlier too! I just hope they come back in stock, like everything is out :(

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@Steph - isn't it weird, they announce there are new products but hardly any of them are in stock? I went on the website shortly after the Facebook announcement and the tinted moisturizer, cream eyeshadow were sold out. Oh well, it's not a problem because I want to wait until I have some money to order anyway. :)

Angie said... Best Blogger Tips

these new products are awesome! i should be saving up but i want to try the tinted moisturizer and eyeliners too and definitely the stipple brush!

<3 angie

Charming Vanity said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't wait to get some of the items. The stippling brush looks pretty interesting.


Yuna said... Best Blogger Tips

wow thanks for the heads up! I wanna try that tinted moisturizer and the face spray :D

RoAmyLive said... Best Blogger Tips

oh Wow! I hadn't heard about these new products. I would love that stippling brush although it looks flimsy even in the photo! I hope I'm proved wrong.

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to read reviews on these!

Isabel said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah! I wanna try themmm but will wait for reviews first lol The 1 month wait is not worth it if the items are bad

Silverstargirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Wowww I love elf I am pretty excited about Studio Mist & Set,Studio Stipple brush , Studio angled contour brush and Studio tinted Moisturizer !! :)

mint said... Best Blogger Tips

ahh I am so disappointed they dont ship to australia!! D= I want to try them!!

Flora D. said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw them on e.l.f website right after e.l.f announced from their fb page. I checked and wanted them so much. So I asked help from my aunt who is in U.S for few months. She says she can send me some of the items I ordered. I am quite excited to get them since I can't buy e.l.f in Thailand.

Flora xx