Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Oil Products Review and Pictures

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil product line is meant for those with oily and blemished skin. Tea Tree Oil has natural purifying antibacterial properties that is known to help soothe blemished skin. My skin is not oily in the least, it is quite the opposite, it is dry/normal I would say. It gets dry in some areas, ie on my forehead, nose, but I do get the odd breakout here and there (from that time of the month, stressing out too much etc). I am about prevention. I also find that some moisturizers, those intended for dry skin are too rich and thick for my skin. I got this starter kit from The Body Shop ages ago, I have been using some of the products regularly, others here and there and I thought I would do a review. I got this free with purchase, you can buy this separately for $30 CAD. It comes with 6 products, plus a cute green bag to hold all the products. They have changed the packaging and prices of the products since I bought it, so keep that in mind, the products performance may have changed too.

(L to R) Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Moisturizer - This was my favourite of the bunch. It claims to give "instant hydration, shine control, and shield to help protect against grime and pollution." This moisturizer is different than a lot of the others I have used. It has a gel texture, but like a very dry feel, it absorbs very quickly into the skin, and leaves no shine at all. It feels good on the skin. It claims that breakouts are minimized with regular use. I would rebuy this in the full size bottle once I run out of this because I really like it. My skin doesn't get a lot of shine, but this does mattify it and it doubles up as a primer underneath foundation as well.

Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash -  I only really use this in the summer when my skin gets oilier, I think it would be too stripping to use in the winter months. This left my skin a bit dry and uncomfortable. I would not repurchase this.

Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner - This is okay. It feels refreshing on my skin. Would I repurchase? Probably not.

Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick - This is a spot treatment product. It is to be applied to problem areas (aka zits) and it helps to clear them up quicker. I think it does help, but I am not too crazy about applying the applicator tip to the zit and then putting it back in the tube and using it again, not very sanitary. So I would recommend applying this to the back of your hand or on a q-tip and then applying it to the area. It's also good for on the go, it's really small. I put this on at night, wait until it sort of dries up and in the morning, I find that the redness has gone down. It will not get rid of your zit, but after repeated use, it will help it heal. I may repurchase this again. Now that I think about it, I don't think this was included in the set, I think I bought it on it's own after hearing really good reviews of it.

Tea Tree Oil - This is a tiny bottle of tea tree oil. Problem is, it is only 15% tea tree oil, it looks like it's pure tea tree oil, it's not. You can buy 100% concentrated tea tree oil in drugstores. This product would pretty much work just as good as the rest in this line. This is used as a blemish treatment, it is to be applied directly to the skin, again the problem areas, I would pour it on my hand and tap it in. I would not repurchase this product again, the bottle will last me ages and I had a hard time getting much out of the bottle, I really had to really tap it out a lot.

Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues - I had no use for these, I do not use oil blotting sheets. They are portable though, which is nice. I should give them away.

Some other Tea Tree Oil products that I bought on their own...

(L to R)
Tea Tree Oil Blemish Face Night Lotion - This is said to "improve the appearance of scars and blemish-damaged skin". I really liked this product, it works well as a light moisturizer, and I think it does help fade zits. I love the packaging, very sanitary, it has a pump. Although you gotta be careful to wipe it after use or else you get that residue that I have in the picture around the inside lid. This is a 30ml bottle and it was about $20ish CAD, so it is expensive for what you get, but I would advise not using it all the time, just to areas that need it when needed type basis. 

Tea Tree Oil Freshener - I can't tell you how long I've had this for, years and years. the bottle is huge and I rarely use it, but I like having it around. Is this a toner? cleanser? The directions describe it as moisturizing and soothing your skin. It has a "refreshing combination of witch hazel, allantoin and antibacterial tea tree oil." But it is to be used on a cotton pad and swept across your face after washing your face, so it IS a toner. Anyways, it feels nice on your skin, and I like having this in my collection. Would I repurchase? ya I think I would, but I think that has a long time coming still.

I want to end my review saying, this is just my opinion and how the products worked on me. I think also some people may be bothered with the smell of the tea tree oil. I like the smell, it is natural and grassy. Plus it leaves my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. I would not use all these products together in a routine because for my skin, it would be too drying. I use these products when I need it only. I also really like the starter kits because if you were to buy all these products alone, it would be quite expensive and personally I like the small bottles, it gives me the chance to try out a lot at once, and I would totally recommend doing that, I have the vitamin e set as well, which is most suited to dry skin.