Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Blush Collection

So recently I got into blush, never really been into it before. My cheeks naturally flush so I don't need it, but I've been loving peach blushes lately and have a bunch that all pretty much look the same! Blushes are great cause they give you a nice glow and add colour to your face. Thanks for looking!

From Left to Right:
Benefit Dandelion, Physicians Formula Blushing Peach, Joe Fresh Pale Peach
On the MAC palette I've got: Peachykeen, Eversun on the top, then Peaches and Springsheen in pan form in the palette, Dainty next to those two, and Style, Well Dressed and Melba on the bottom.
On the side, I've got ELF blushes in Peachykeen, Tickled Pink and Candid Coral.

Since it's hard to capture the blush colours very well, I will show you some individual pics too...

MAC Dainty
Dainty is my only mineralized blush from MAC. This is a shimmery peachy-pink, it's really smooth and pigmented. Since it's mineralized it is silky, but also you get fallout, so you gotta blend it well. These are really nice, I'd get more of these.
MAC Eversun
This one was limited edition from the Style Warriors collections last year. Eversun is bronzy peach with gold shimmers. 

MAC Peachykeen
This looks just like Eversun in the pic, but it is different. Peachykeen was the first MAC blush that I got, it's a peachy coral, probably my darkest peach blush.

MAC Style
Style is a an frosty, orangey peach. I find this one a bit hard to wear. I just got this one recently. I know lots of people love this one, maybe I just need to work with it more.

 MAC Melba
This is my favourite peach blush. Melba is like the matte version of Style, but prettier. It is very pigmented, and very similar to MAC Instant Chic (which came out in the Pret a Papier collection recently)

MAC Well Dressed
Love this one, it's a satin, light pink. It looks great on fair-skinned skintones, perfect for everyday use, and a good starter blush.

Benefit Dandelion
This one looks a lot like MAC's Well Dressed, but maybe a touch more peachy. Benefit has their powders in these square cardboard packaging, which is cute, but not great for travel. Their products are pricey too, this blush was $35 CAD, but keep in mind this is 10g, whereas MAC blushes are only 6g. This doesn't show up on a lot of people, but if you are fair, it definitely will.

MAC Peaches and Springsheen
Peaches is a matte pure peach, it looks just like peaches, which is lovely. 
Springsheen is a beautiful, shimmery peachy pink, it gets compared to NARS Orgasm all the time in reviews.

MAC blushes impress me because they make gorgeous colours and they are highly pigmented, long lasting, and blend easily. You just need to dab your brush in 1-2 times and you get a lot of colour payoff. I would recommend MAC blushes to anyone. I am going to depot the ones I have and put them in my palette, and from now on, just buy the pans cause it's cheaper that way ($22 CAD, vs $18.50). I'll keep Dainty and any limited edition, special packaging ones in their packaging of course, and keep those for travel.

Some of the ones that I want to get are MAC Cubic,  Sunbasque and Pinch O' Peach, as well as some bronzing colours like Margin.

What are your favourite blushes? Got any recommendations for me?


Laura Beth said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't think you need anymore blush for life! lol. What about NARS Orgasm, the best!


xox Laura Beth

Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@ Laura Beth - lol thanks! I've thought of getting that one, but it's expensive and I think the colour is similar to some that I have. :)

marti said... Best Blogger Tips

I just got NARS deep throat blush and I love it! I also have MAC Sunbasque and i reach for that pretty often. I'm jealous of your blush collection though.. it is much more well-rounded than mine!

Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Springsheen is probably my MAC fave and I really want Well Dressed now!

lovelylisa_152 said... Best Blogger Tips

You are my favourite blogger! I have recently bought a MAC blush palette and have Well Dressed, Melba and Style and I was wondering if I should either get Springsheen or Peachykeen? Are they very similar or do I need both? Thanks, love a fellow canadian!

Justine @ Productrater said... Best Blogger Tips

@lovelylisa_152 - thank you for the kind words! That made my day!

I have both but, do not really peach for peachykeen at all, it was my first MAC blush. I like springsheen a lot better personally. I think peachykeen is a darker peach/pink blush, whereas springsheen is more lighter, I prefer springsheen myself. Hope that helps, a lot of these look very similar.