Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Sigma Flare Eyeshadow Palette

This is the third installment of my Sigma Eyeshadow Palettes review, today it's Flare. This palette "contains a beautiful combination of greens and purples, combined with browns and beiges that are perfect to create fun and colorful looks! This palette includes beautiful iridescent undertones, which offer a must have selection of bright, yet sophisticated hues. FLARE is perfect for those days when you want to highlight your eyes with fun and flirty colors! Includes Sigma Beauty's best-selling E55 and E40 in a practical dual-ended brush. Contains matte and satin formulations." This retails for $35 on the Sigma website.

I love the colours in the Flare palette, if you have green eyes, it would be great for you. It has some shimmery and some mattes colours. Just like the other two palettes, I find the shimmer shadows tend to be better quality than the matte ones, I find some of the lighter colours tend to be chalky, in this palettes it's the far right colour that I have issues with.

The first two colours in this palette make the palette for me, that brown green "crush" resembles MAC's Club with that duo chrome thing going on. And that teal "Oversee" colour is beautiful, I don't have anything quite like that in my collection yet.

The purples in this palette are very nice and the shadows go nicely together I think. The first four shadows could make a nice look, and the four right shadows too, although you are free to mix them up any way that you like of course.
Here are the swatches, please click on the image to enlarge it. The light green isn't too pigmented in my opinion. The first purple there, "Resist" has a nice shimmer to it, a bit like MAC's Shale eyeshadow. "Allure" has to be built up a bit too in order to get the true colour of it.

The double ended brush that you get with Flare is the E55 eyeshadow shader brush and the E40 tapered blending. The brushes that come with these palettes are equal in quality to the full size I think. I find that the quality can differ slightly brush to brush with Sigma though, few of my brushes are exactly the same one to another, so keep that in mind. I find their E40 to be far too large to apply eyeshadow, I find that with the MAC equivalent too, I use these more for under-eye concealer.

Would I recommend this palette? If I had to choose 1 of the 3 Sigma eyeshadow palettes at this point, I like this one the most. Bare is nice, but most people have enough neutral shades already, and Flare offers something different.


River said... Best Blogger Tips

I think if I were to get any I would get this one - more my colours.

Do you think it's worth the money?

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

I think $35 is a bit steep for this product to be honest, but you do get two brushes so I guess it's alright. It beats drugstore eyeshadows in terms of the size and quality.

D.Sadie said... Best Blogger Tips

Great palette! I love the colors. =)

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the looks of this one! I love that they include double-ended brushes.

Eli said... Best Blogger Tips

All the shades seem really wearable! Very nice palette :)

Tjasa said... Best Blogger Tips

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Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the purples!!

Donna ♥ Baby said... Best Blogger Tips

ive been seeing these palettes everywhere and i really want to get my hands on the dare palette! so gorgeous! i guess i shouldve commented on the dare palette post hahaha. but this palette is gorgeous too :)

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

I like the pigmentation of this one the most as well!