Monday, July 4, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Swatches

Now that the summer is here, many of us need a summer foundation, that is darker than the one we wear in the colder months. I've personally never needed this because I don't really tan, I mean if I went on vacation somewhere warm for a week I would come back looking amazingly tan, but in everyday Canadian climate, not so much, so I normally just wore the same foundation or just a powder. Since starting to self-tan recently with spray tans at home I am very pleasantly to report that my colour has changed a lot. So I was faced with the problem of not having a foundation at all that suited me since all my foundations are super pale. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and I had a coupon so I opted for the Maybelline Fit Me. I reviewed this earlier this year when it first came out, click here to read the review.

In the winter my shade was 110 which is the lightest that they offer, it's very pale with yellow undertones. For the summer I have chosen 220. Basically I went from Casper the Ghost to a healthy sunkissed colour. This is the darkest foundation that I've ever worn, thank you spray tan! If you wonder what I am using, it's the L'oreal Sublime Bronze that I reviewed a few days ago, I am making it work because I love the colour that it gives although I am going through it fast and have to reapply often or I go back to my normal white self. I opted for Maybelline Fit me over other foundations because it's cheap, I like it on my dry skin, it gives light, dewy coverage (which I prefer for the summer) and it comes in a huge variety of colours. If you have oily skin, I wouldn't suggest this for the summer.

Before heading to the drugstore and being totally overwhelmed and clueless as to which colour to choose, I consulted my trusty Maybelline Fit Me colour chart with I recently in the mail along with some coupons. This is super handy when your tan changes. I will go through swatches of the entire chart below.

Here we have the light-medium, well half of the medium tones. You can tell that 110 definitely does not match me anymore. The weird thing about their colour scheme is it alternates between warm and cool tones so it can be hard to get the right match. The colour on my arm is pretty true to life here.

And here is the other half medium-deep, the swatches come out better here, but my arm is looking pale, I think the flash caught it. Maybelline Fit me is quite light in coverage, so if you do manage to pick up one too dark for you, it won't be too noticeable.

Does your foundation choice change in the summer? Do you opt for a darker shade in your current foundation or do you switch it up completely?


G A B Y said... Best Blogger Tips

I playes with these swatch sheets when I received them and I found it odd that 3-4 foundations actually suit my skin!

CAMILLA said... Best Blogger Tips

i hope this fit me foundation is available in my country,
thanks for review

Stella said... Best Blogger Tips

The packaging on this made me want to try it but after hearing so many reviews of it wearing off so quickly I'm not so sure anymore...

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Stella - Ya I would only suggest it for dry skin, my original opinion when I first tried it hasn't changed, this stuff is very dewy on and will wear off if your skin is oily.

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad you found a good match!

sharshar said... Best Blogger Tips

I also received the sample pamphlet. I'm a mixture of the lightest three shades. Glad you found a single shade that works for you.