Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby Pastel Blue Nail Polish Swatches and Comparisons

I love baby blue pastel nail polishes. Recently I picked up the new Essie Burrowed and Blue from the Wedding Collection and wanted to compare it with the rest of my light blue polishes. These types of posts always help me a lot in deciding whether or not I need a polish, by comparing it to other ones that I may already have in my collection, I hope this helps someone!

OPI What's With The Catitude came out in the Shrek collection last year. I passed on it initially because I read it was a dupe for China Glaze Bahamian Escape, but as you will see later in this post, they are not the same at all. Out of the four here, this one is my favourite because it applies very well and I love the sharpness of it, it's pale but still pretty bright of a pastel, and I think it looks the best on me.

Revlon's Lilac Lagoon is a new one for me too. I was excited when this came out, but once I picked it up I was disappointed to find out that it has shimmers in it, silver ones (I prefer creme finish polishes). The application on this was not great, I felt the shimmers gave it that grittiness that I don't enjoy. The colour is pretty though, it's a bit lighter than What's the Catitude.

Essie's Burrowed and Blue is the palest blue I've ever seen, this colour is like blue white-out. Since it's so pale, you have to be careful when applying it, if you're like me and messy when you apply your nail polish it can be very obvious. Also notice the left over shimmers from Blue Lagoon here, that stuff is a pain to take off.

China Glaze Bahamian Escape was the palest palest blue that I owned, until recently, and it's actually not that pale now that I've used the others! This one applies like a dream, I find China Glaze polishes are very opaque, with the others here, I had to do coat after coat and this one you can get away with 1-2. This one is perhaps a less "daring" pale blue.

And here they are together, as you can tell Essie Burrowed and Blue is super stark and white compared to the others. OPI and Revlon are close and the China Glaze is definitely much darker, but still in the pale blue family. I would definitely recommend OPI's What's With The Catitude if you can still get it.

What's your favourite pale blue polish?


MSodapop said... Best Blogger Tips

thank you so much for this post!
im looking for a nice pastel blue nail polish.
i like OPI What's With The Catitude the best ^_^

EllysMakeupbag said... Best Blogger Tips

Everytime i check the revlon stand, blue lagoon and minted aren't there and these are the shades i really want grrr :-( Caress from illamasqua is a gorgeous baby blue as well.

Angela Moscaritolo said... Best Blogger Tips

OPI What's With The Catitude is gorgeous! I must get that soon!

CJ :) said... Best Blogger Tips

i would love to have what's with the catitude but i'm having a hard time finding it now :( so i got justin bieber's "baby blue" instead

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

What's With The Catitude by OPI looks really nice! Too bad that the formula of the Revlon's Lilac Lagoon is not so good because that looks like a nice shade too! I also like Nubar's baby blue. Have you tried it?

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Christina - I haven't tried any Nubar, I like some of their pastel colours (based on swatches I've seen) but I don't know where to get that brand.

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

Great post justine! Blues never work on me, so I don't own any, but the bohemian escape looks wonderful!

PoorCollegeStudent said... Best Blogger Tips

My favorite blue polish is Sephora by OPI havana dreams. I'm wearing it now; it's lighter than your china glaze and slightly sraker than the revlon. It's crazy how fast nail trends come and go; I feel so off trend wearing it. I apparently now need a yellow polish.

TEA aka MonsterGirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh I like this post! Very pretty colors :) love the china glaze!!

Justine (Productrater) said... Best Blogger Tips

@PoorCollegeStudent - I wanted to get Havana Dreams, but I read that it wasn't too opaque. I don't even know what's "on trend" and what is yesterday's news, I just wear whatever is cute. I've liked pastel for some time and I'll be wearing them all through the summer.