Monday, February 1, 2010

Elf Cosmetics: Studio Warm Bronzer, Studio Eyeshadow, Studio Eyeshadow Brush, Eyelid Primer, Eyebrow Kit, Another ELF order!

This order came in 10 days... pretty fast. My studio line stash is growing larger and larger. Here are the goodies that I got this time around.

The warm bronzer - it didn't have that elf film cover on the inside, kinda strange, but product seems okay.

The eyebrow kit - This is not very light, and it's the lightest one that they had, I would recommend this one for sure (and not any darker) if you have medium brown hair like me.

Studio eyeshadow in amethyst - This is small and really cute!

Studio "C' brush - I like this one a lot, I will get more of these for sure.

Eyeshadow brush - This one is from the regular $1 line, I think I have like 4-5 of these now, they are my favourite eyeshadow brush ever, but I think I might like the studio line better, the head is bigger on that one.

All over cover stick in "apricot beige" - This is quite orange, it may work for undereye circles, and concealer, not sure yet.

Eyelid primer - I ordered this one from the $1 line, and then read that it's the mineral eyelid primer that's the good one. Oh well it's just a dollar.