Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ELF Blending Brushes Comparison

Today, I will be comparing the two blending brushes from ELF. On the left, you have the contour brush from the studio line ($3) and on the right the blending eye brush ($1). You can probably tell that they are very different, taking pictures like this is really affective because you can may not be able to tell the difference when browsing the ELF website, but side by side you definitely can. They can be used for totally different purposes. The black one on the left can be used for precise crease work, and the one on the right for blending out eyeshadow, or even for applying shadow across the lid. The head on the one on the right is much larger. 


wingsinheaven5 said... Best Blogger Tips

You should totally try the Studio Contour Brush for applying concealer. Especially on blemishes/acne. ohmygoshamazingg =]