Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara Review

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Earlier this year, Maybelline sent me 3 $5 off coupons to use on the new Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara. I was skeptical because the whole vibrating mascara thing seemed like a scam to me and since the mascara retailed at around $16 CAD, I still wasn't about to run out to the store and spend $11 on a mascara.

Then Pharma Plus had an awesome 50% off ALL their mascara earlier last month and that changed my mind! I ended up getting the Pulse Perfection mascara for $4.97 plus tax! And also picked up a couple others including Rimmel Sexy Curves   and a two pack of Maybelline Define a lash Volume.

The main problem I had with this mascara was the button for the vibrating was awkwardly placed and it takes some getting used to how to apply the mascara while you hold the brush, it should really have an on and off feature. I did not think you had to hold the button the whole time to get the vibrations. Also, I wasn't too impressed with the vibrating feature, the tip of the brush did not vibrate all that much (the handle vibrated a lot more) and that's the part you most care about for application. I can't really justify paying $7 (drugstore mascaras are around $7 normally) more to have a brush kinda vibrate, the results are just not that good.

The result is nice though, my lashes did have that 'falsies' effect that you desire from mascaras. The mascara is not really buildable since the brush picks up lots of product the first time around (I notice this problem with the plastic bristle mascaras often times). I am going to play around with it some more and try to eliminate the spidery effect that I get. Maybe do one coat without vibrations and then another with? The formulation is a little wet for me, takes a while to dry. And I could only find the non-waterproof version at my store, or else I would of bought that instead.

My product rating for this is.... 6/10

* Lengthening was really good.
* Did get that "falsies" effect.

    * Vibrating feature was not great, button is awkward, there needs to be an on and off button.
    * Wet formula
    * Price
    * Clumpy
    * The brush is the same as the Define a lash but vibrates.