Saturday, January 23, 2010

Makeup Masala: Brushes from ELF Cosmetics and Ecotools

My package from makeup masala came today. But.. I got the wrong product, I had ordered the ecotools retractable brush, but got the bronzer brush instead. Weird. I am going to have to contact customer service. I also got 3x ELF powder brush. This brush is very, very popular on youtube, and I thought it would be a great all-purpose brush. I hope it lives up to it's high expectations.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ELF Cosmetics: Mineral Lip Glosses

A small ELF package came today, this time with two mineral lipglosses. They are from their mineral line, cute small packaging, love the colours. I got one in au naturale, and one in pageant princess.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cherryculture: NYX Smokey Look Kit, Concealer in a Jar, Round Lipsticks, and Mega Shine lipglosses package came today!

I ordered from cherryculture about a week ago and got my order too, shipping was very fast considering I am in canada. cherryculture sells nyx stuff for pretty cheap, that's what made me interested in them. I will totally be ordering from them again.

I got the NYX Smokey Look Kit, that's the palette you see in the pic. The box of it is on the left, the section underneath pulls out and it has a mirror inside. It's about the size of your palm, looked a lot bigger online, but it's totally cute.

NYX Concealer in a jar is the tiny pot, this is in the colour porcelene, I think it was the lightest that they had.

NYX Mega shine lipgloss in beige and smokey look, smokey look looks orange in the tube, not a fan at first glance. These are really cute, they have a box on the top of the black lid.

NYX Round lipsticks in Harmonica and Strawberry milk, hamonica is a big more pale with frostiness to it, I think strawberry milk is more wearable.